Drug Risks for Pregnant Women

The risks, complications, and issues can be extremely severe in the case of women who use narcotics. For women, it is a very small quantity of drugs required to create dependency. To avoid being addicted to drugs, many women will hesitate to reach out for help. It is important to note that drug abuse in women may cause many nasty side-effects, such as sexually transmitted illnesses and mental issues like depression. If you’re looking for drug rehab for women only, visit women’s substance abuse treatment in Utah for more info.

The study of the women found out that most of them had lived very difficult lives before they decided to start using drugs. The majority of women who decided to start using drugs, had experienced sexual abuse at some stage in their life. However, this was most common before the age sixteen. The same thing has been observed in the women whose parents have abused drugs or alcohol.

In terms of psychiatric analysis, we have found that those who are low in self-esteem tend to use more drugs. Before the first use of drugs or alcohol occurs, the individual feels powerless and this can lead to more difficulties. It is common for patients to feel isolated and lonely. Women who belong to minority groups or do not know English properly may have a difficult time seeking and getting medical attention.

It is even more dangerous for pregnant women. This not only puts their lives in grave danger but it also places the life of an un-born child at great risk. If drugs and alcohol are used during pregnancy, it can result in serious health conditions. Mother and child are tightly connected, therefore if a mother is abusing drugs the chances of the unborn baby also being affected by them increase. Unborn children are exposed to a wide range of risk factors. For example, they could be affected by HIV if mother contracts it, AIDS; or have a preterm birth, a low-birth weight, or die while still in mother’s womb. Continued abuse of drugs can cause malnutrition as well as neglect.