How can I grow mushrooms? Oyster Mushroom cultivation: an easy and great way to get started

China is the leading oyster mushroom producer in the world, but many people are now discovering how simple it is to grow them themselves. Growing oyster mushrooms is an enjoyable experience. Once the area has been set up correctly, all that is needed from the gardener to promote proper mushroom growth is some simple maintenance. Read more now on buy magic mushrooms

You can grow a mushroom garden indoors or outside. Setting up an oyster mushroom bed involves choosing oyster mushrooms to propagate. Then, you need to choose the container or location for the garden and maintain the mushrooms. The gardener should choose a group of oyster mushrooms that are connected by a stem base when selecting oyster mushrooms to propagate from the grocery store.

In order to prepare the first step in oyster mushroom cultivation, place a few wet wood shavings, similar to pet bedding, into a small wet brown bag. The mushroom will grow from the stem base. Just cut the stem base off and place it in the bag. Fold the bag gently over and then place it inside another bag of wet wood shavings.

The paper bag can be folded and placed into a plastic container. The container can be stored in the crisper of your refrigerator for up to three months. The mushroom stem will sprout and be ready to begin a mushroom garden at home.

After the mushroom base has flowered for three months, it is time to prepare the bedding for your mushroom garden. The substrate is the material in which the mushrooms will grow. Sterilizing straw with a mixture of peroxide and water in a ratio of 10 to 1 is one method. The peroxide solution should be used to moisten the straw. The gardener should then add some straw and mushroom base to a plastic bag.

Fill the bag in layers, alternately with mushroom base and straw. Pour out any excess peroxide. The bag must be stored at room temperature. The gardener can cut a small hole or x in the bag once the mushroom seeds have turned the bag white. The mushroom will grow out of the hole. Some mushroom growers hang a bag on the wall in their kitchen to pick mushrooms as they cook.

Some people use sawdust or coffee grounds instead of straw. Sterilize the substrate with peroxide diluted. Some people are sensitive to the spores from oyster mushroom cultivation, and may prefer to store the bags in the garage or outside. The mushrooms grow best in dark, warm places.

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